The peril of an academic is the need to publish or perish. To this end I have coauthored 12 papers in peer reviewed journals which have been collectively cited 335 times as of March 2009. My average citation rate is 37.2 for papers greater then 1 year old. My h-index is 8. That is I have 8 publications which each have at least 8 citations. [J Hirsch, Proc. Nat. AcaD Sci. 46 (2005) 16569].

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Ion Trap Quantum Computing With Phase Fresnel Lenses

"Scalable, efficient ion-photon coupling with phase Fresnel lenses for large-scale quantum computing" E. W. Streed, B. G. Norton, J. J. Chapman, and D. Kielpinski.Quantum Information and Computation 9 0203-0214 (2009) arxiv:0805.2437 pdf

Submicron laser beam measurement

"An automated submicron beam profiler for characterization of high numerical aperture optics" JJ Chapman, BG Norton, EW Streed, D Kielpinski. Review of Scientific Instruments 79 095106 (2008)

Laser frequency stablization

"Frequency stabilization of an ultraviolet laser to ions in a discharge" E. W. Streed, T. J. Weinhold, and D. Kielpinski: App Phys Lett. 93, 071103 (2008) pdf

Thin magnetic film atom trapping

"Atom trapping with a thin magnetic film." M. Boyd, E.W. Streed, P. Medley, G.K. Campbell, J. Mun, W, Ketterle, and D.E. Pritchard:Phys. Rev. A 76, 043624pdf

Quantum Zeno Effect in a BEC

"Continuous and Pulsed Quantum Zeno Effect." E.W. Streed, J. Mun, M. Boyd, G.K. Campbell, P. Medley, W. Ketterle, D.E. Pritchard: Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 260402 (2006). pdf

Construction of BEC Experiments

"Large atom number Bose-Einstein Condensate machines." E.W Streed, A.P Chikkatur, T.L Gustavson, M. Boyd, Y. Torii, D. Schneble, G.K. Campbell, D.E. Pritchard, and W. Ketterle: Rev. Sci. Instrum. 77, 023106 (2006). pdf

Parametric amplification

"Parametric Amplification of Atoms." G.K. Campbell, J. Mun, M. Boyd, E.W. Streed, W. Ketterle, and D.E. Pritchard: Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 020406 (2006). pdf

Modification of photon recoil by the index of refraction

"Photon Recoil Momentum in Dispersive Media." G.K. Campbell, A.E. Leanhardt, J. Mun, M. Boyd, E.W. Streed, W. Ketterle, and D.E. Pritchard:
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 170403 (2005). pdf

Raman Superradiance

"Raman Amplification of Matter Waves." D. Schneble, G.K. Campbell, E.W. Streed, M. Boyd, D.E. Pritchard, and W. Ketterle: Phys. Rev. A 69, 041601(R) (2004). pdf

Superradiance in the short-pulse regime

"The Onset of Matter-Wave Amplification in a Superradiant Bose-Einstein Condensate." Dominik Schneble, Yoshio Torii, Micah Boyd, Erik W. Streed, David E. Pritchard, and Wolfgang Ketterle: Science 300, 475-478 (2003). pdf

Optical Microresonators

“High-Q Measurements of Fused-Silica Microspheres in the Near Infrared,” D W Vernooy, V. S. Ilchenko, H. Mabuchi, EW Streed, H. J Kimble. OpticsLetters 23 247-249 (1998).

Amino acid structure

“Conformational Equilibria of Beta-Alanine and Related Compounds as Studied by NMR Spectroscopy,” F. Gregoire, S. H. Wei, EW Streed, K. A. Brameld, D Fort, L. J Hanely, J D Walls, W A. Goddard, J D Roberts. Journal of the American Chemical Society 120 7537-7543 (1998).


Ph. D. "87Rubidium Bose-Einstein condensates: Machine Construction and Quantum Zeno Experiments" MIT January 2006 pdf

Undergraduate Senior Thesis "Spectroscopy of very high Q whispering gallery modes in silica microspheres" Caltech May 1999 pdf