Eight ion crystal


Quantum computing uses quantum physics to provide new and revolutionary solutions to problems such as factoring, unordered searching, and secure communications. Small ion-trap quantum computers have already been demonstrated, and a clear roadmap exists towards large-scale quantum computing. Photons are ideal for quantum communication, with successfully demonstrated short range systems. My research interconnects trapped ion and photons with phase Fresnel lenses, micro-fabricated diffractive optics compatible with scaling to large systems. The efficient conversion of quantum information between these states is critical for the creation of large-scale quantum computers and long distance quantum secure communications networks.

The overall objective of my current project is to demonstrate the feasibility of phase Fresnel lenses as a high efficiency interface between trapped ions and photons. This will be accomplished by optically testing phase Fresnel lenses, constructing a trapped ion system with an integrated phase Fresnel lens, and then demonstrating improved efficiency for various quantum information processing tasks such as involving remote entanglement.